Destination Wedding Essentials, Documentation & FAQs

Everything you need to know about getting married abroad

Learn why couples choose to get married overseas, the documentation you need, the types of ceremonies, customizing your wedding and more.

Wedding FAQs & Documentation

Documentation and procedures vary by destination. Your Wedding Specialist will help you with the details.

At some destinations, the on-site wedding team handles all the paperwork and details. This allows the couple to simply arrive and enjoy their wedding day and honeymoon.

At other destinations, the couple may need to visit the registrar in person to secure a marriage license.

What You Will Need

  • Notarized copies of state-issued birth certificates
  • Passport
  • Notarized copies of all pages of the court certified final divorce decree (where applicable)
  • Certified copy of legal name change or legal adoption papers if applicable
  • State issued death certificate with related marriage certificate of a deceased spouse (where applicable)
  • All legal documents must be in the official language of the country, or translated into that language by a legal translator (typically one approved by the consulate of the destination).

7 Great Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

1. Your Wedding Planning is Simple, and Easy

An experienced wedding planner helps you personalize and arrange every last detail of your one-of-a-kind destination wedding or cruise wedding.

2. You Quickly Tame a Runaway Guest List

Of course you can still invite everyone. But you know only your nearest and dearest will attend.

3. Your Wedding - Your Way

Choose a celeb-style theme wedding – from simply elegant or barefoot chic, to over-the-top. From intimate garden, or pristine beach, to cascading waterfall or ocean view gazebo. Whatever you choose, rest assured your stunning photos will capture the moment forever.

4. A Great Family Bonding Opportunity

No need to spend time arranging activities, meals or entertainment. In many locations, many activities are already included, making it a great way for the new families to bond in a carefree, fun environment.

5. Destination Weddings Are Affordable

The cost for a destination wedding can be significantly less than that for a traditional stateside wedding.

6. Unique Celebration!

Your guests join your for the festivities, celebrate with you, and enjoy a fabulous vacation at the same time.

7. Your Honeymoon Begins Without Delay

Your unforgettable honeymoon starts the moment you say “I Do.”

Best Time to Start Planning

Although many destination weddings can be planned with far less lead time, many  couples start actively planning 12-18 months ahead. The benefits:

  • Best availability at hotel for ceremony dates and guest accommodations
  • Guests may not yet have started making their own vacation arrangements.
  • A longer lead time gives guests the opportunity to arrange time off, budget and plan to attend. 

Customizing Your Ceremony

The Civil (Legal) Ceremony

Choose a civil (legal) ceremony – for a marriage that is binding worldwide.

Your own minister or church leader may be able to participate in the ceremony if you wish. However, only a licensed local official is authorized to perform the actual ceremony.

The Symbolic, Vow Renewal, or Blessing Ceremony

Choose a symbolic wedding if you are already married.

Your own priest, minister or church leader may officiate at a Vow Renewal, Blessing, or Symbolic Ceremony.

Theme Wedding Ceremonies

Honor your traditions with ceremonies that range from non-denominational, Catholic, Asian, and more.

The Wedding Location

Tie the knot in a chapel, on a pristine beach, on a rooftop gazebo overlooking the ocean, in a garden or ocean gazebo, a private room, by a waterfall, or other location of your choice.

Register Your Wedding Back Home

After you receive your marriage certificate for a legal wedding, you register your marriage at your local courthouse or take whatever steps are necessary to register the marriage in your home state.

Wedding Ceremony Packages

All wedding packages are fully customizable to indulge your every fantasy. Add a variety of options to make your wedding unique.

Ceremony package essentials typically include:

  • A scenic ceremony location or chapel
  • Marriage officer
  • Bridal bouquet & groom’s boutonniere
  • Wedding cake
  • Keepsake wedding certificate (or legal certificate as applicable)
  • The services of an on-site wedding coordinator

Ready to Get Started?

With flawless planning, we’ll help you coordinate the BIG DAY wedding arrangements.