Luxury River Cruises

A haven of relaxation on the river, where the journey is every bit as enjoyable as the destinations you visit

Imagine enjoying a magical sunrise and a different destination nearly every day on your enchanting river cruise. Your ship often docks right in the middle of town, giving you the opportunity for an unhurried, in-depth exploration of your destination.

Scenic River Cruise

River Cruise Sojourn

On a river cruise you experience the destination with all your senses.

Wander quaint riverside towns. Explore larger cities. Visit historic UNESCO sites. Sail serenely past fairytale castles and picturesque vineyards. Admire colorful canals. Shop at famed local Christmas markets throughout Europe.

Luxurious Life on a River Cruise

Life on-board is leisurely and relaxed. Lavish comfort and amenities await you in your stateroom. There are no formal nights. Open seating gives you the freedom to dine with whomever you wish, and locally-inspired cuisine provides a veritable feast for your palate. 

Evenings of culture and life enrichment programs replace the casinos and Broadway-style shows of large ocean-going cruise ships. And the inclusive nature of river cruising is such that you spend a longer day at the destination, and a shore excursion is typically included in each port.

Popular River Cruise Sailings

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The USA
  • Special culinary sailings offer cooking classes aboard and ashore, with the focus on authentic cuisine from the region you are visiting.
  • Christmas market

Wanderlust Sparked?

Awaken your sense of adventure

At TWG Travel, we navigate the options for you, meticulously matching your interests, personal style, budget and the destinations you wish to visit, with exceptional river cruises.

You get expert help choosing the best ship and stateroom type. You gain valuable tips about the river cruise experience and other things worth considering when booking your cruise.

If you are ready to start planning in earnest, click on the link below to schedule your free consultation.

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