Private Groups by TWG Travel

Create a private group made up of your nearest and dearest, and travel the world in style

Imagine everyone in your group sitting cross-legged around a bonfire on the beach. Everyone is whistling and cheering you on, as you limbo to the pulsating beat of island drums. Or, in Thailand, sit cross legged on the floor while dining on delicious Khan Toke” (northern Thai cuisine) while being entertained by charming dancers.

Private Group Celebrations

Private Group Travel

Create your own private group. Bring family and friends together to celebrate a milestone event. We make the travel arrangements for you. Your guests and you get to enjoy the occasion without the stress of planning and coordinating it. Your private group can also join a pre-formed, small group tour.

Favorite Group Destinations

Groups allow you to explore the world in the company of people with whom you already share a common interest. Caribbean and Mexico all-inclusive beach vacations are perhaps the most popular, followed by cruises to the Mediterranean, Alaska, Asia, and the Caribbean. 

Private Group Ideas

Group Travel Made Easy

Enjoy perfectly planned experiences that create lifetime memories.
We do the planning. You get the accolades. 

Discover how we plan your perfect group getaway

“Thank you, Marie, and Jim for all of your hard work and attention to my group and making our cruise such an enjoyable occasion. From the feedback from the group….EVERYONE had an absolute GRAND TIME!”

Delise D – Maryland