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Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy

Bucket List Adventures

Every traveler has a “bucket list” – a list of those places they would like to visit. To enjoy experiences filled with the alluring sights, sounds, history, cuisine and cultures of far away lands.

It is this list of “must see” places and “must-do” travel experiences that inspire us to seek out the most incredible places in the world – and share them with you.

Europe - Santorini, Greece
Europe - Santorini, Greece

European Glamour

  • Explore the great cities of Europe on a luxury Mediterranean cruise.
  • Stroll along a seaside promenade
  • Marvel at centuries old buildings ancient ruins
  • Visit the highlights of iconic cities
  • Explore rolling countrysides and seaside villages
  • Admire great masterpieces of the art world

Opulent Temples & Shrines

Discover the opulence and mystique of the far east. Experience the thrill of total immersion in wonderful new cultures. Marvel at magnificent architecture and ancient wonders. Feast on amazing cuisine. Endless adventures. Endless joy.

Asia: Thailand
Asia: Thailand
Africa Bucket List Vacations & Safaris
Africa Bucket List Vacations & Safaris

African Journeys & Safaris

Immerse yourself in the culture of unspoiled emerging travel locales off-the-beaten-path.

Know the thrill of an African Safari filled with breathtaking scenery. Stay at handpicked hotels, lodges and resorts. Get up close and personal with wildlife.  because every day on Safari, a new exhilarating adventure unfolds. This is a bucket list vacation for many globetrotters.

Tailor-made Ultra-Luxe Vacations

St Petersburg, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia

Awe-inspiring luxury vacations indulge, enrich & captivate you

Follow your passion and experience the world’s most amazing places first hand, on a Bucket List vacation. Enjoy a “tailor-made” ultra-luxe vacation that goes well beyond the ordinary.

Travel independently or with a small private group. Journey by luxury rail, elegantly restored  vintage train, private yacht charter, private jet, or any commercially available options by air, land or sea.

Customized Itineraries

We help you craft a personalized itinerary with expert suggestions for hotels and experiences that perfectly match your special interests. Go where you want, when you want, how and with whom you want. And do exactly what you want when you get there.

And every TWG-inspired journey — whether it be independent, private, custom-tailored, or an adventure expedition — gives you the thrill of a truly unique experience.

The Search For Your Next Bucket List Adventure Ends Here

Travel Expertise at Your Fingertips

There’s no time like the present to start planning your next Bucket List journey. And when it comes to planning an ultra-luxe vacation that is just right for you, there’s just no substitute for expertise.

Wherever in the world you choose to travel – and however you choose to enjoy it, your journey will take you beyond the expected and into a world of wonder and excitement. We help you blend your fondest dreams and personal style into one amazing bucket list-style getaway, perfectly crafted just for you.

So what’s on your travel bucket list? Let’s talk.