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Meet the Owner

Marie Watkins is the dynamic, engaging owner of TWG Travel. She lives and breathes travel. It’s in her DNA.

Whether you meet in person or on the phone, you immediately feel at ease, and a sense of connection with an authentic, kindred spirit.

She has traveled to more than 52 countries on six continents (and counting). Lived and worked in 3.

She never met a beach she didn’t like. And whether exploring iconic European cities, wandering off-the-beaten-path locales in Thailand or Vietnam, shopping in Hong Kong or at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, walking the pilgrim’s path in Jerusalem, or having meaningful conversations with the locals everywhere she goes, travel is something she simply cannot resist.

She lives in Maryland with her husband, Jim, who joined her in the business after retiring from a successful career in finance.

Luxury Cruise Ship
Luxury Cruises Worldwide

Our Mission

To re-define what’s possible on your vacation. We help you celebrate your milestones by arranging personalized travel experiences that captivate and inspire you to Live Your Dream . . .  luxuriously.

Europe: Trevi Fountain - Rome, Italy
Trevi Fountain, Rome

Who We Serve

Independent, active, culturally curious travelers who want to see the destination highlights, learn about the history and culture of the places they visit, have authentic interaction with the locals, and enjoy unique, enriching experiences.

Istanbul, Turkey - Sightseeing
Istanbul, Turkey - Sightseeing

Our Promise

To deliver seamless, memorable, authentic travel experiences one customer at a time.

The reward is a lifetime of treasured memories with those you care about the most.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Our Vibe

Friendly, professional and inspired.

We put heart and soul into creating and delivering unforgettable vacations, and consistently go above and beyond to make it happen.

Our Story

Serene scene of 2 empty rocking chairs on a wooden deck a few steps away from turquoise Caribbean waters

The Dream

Growing up in Jamaica presented Marie with an extraordinary opportunity to meet culturally diverse people from all over the globe and all walks of life. This ignited in her a curiosity and passion for travel that still drives her today.

But hearing about far off lands and dreaming about them was not enough.  She had to experience it all – first hand.  She wanted to meet the people, experience the culture, learn about the history, savor the cuisine, explore to her heart’s content, and yes – shop.

The Journey

Throughout her career at luxury hotels in the Caribbean, South America and the United States, Marie arranged high-end corporate meetings, conventions and incentive groups.

Much as she enjoyed that, there was a dream yet to be fulfilled – a strong desire to launch her own boutique travel company. And in 1985, she stepped away from her hotel career and said hello to travel.

The Passion

Marie is passionate about exploring the world, and feels equally at home anywhere and everywhere.

To her, her team, and a loyal clientele, travel is not a luxury at all; it is an absolute necessity.

It is by far, the best prescription we know of to relax, have fun, and remind us to celebrate that which is truly important, with the people that are most important in our lives.

Let's Explore Together

Our success is not only due to the excellent quality of our work but also to the way we treat our clients – like family.

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