St Barths (St Barts)

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St Barths Vacations

Chic & Leisurely

Saint-Barthelemy, fondly known around the world as both St Barths and St Barts, is perhaps, the most fashionable island in the Caribbean.

It encompasses an abundance of luxury, sophistication, and immense style. The ambience lends the island a decidedly continental feel – from language to gourmet dining, and the most upscale shopping in the Caribbean. Look for boutiques filled with European clothing, perfumes, and jewelry.

St Barths Highlights

Laid-back & Low key

St. Barths is the island getaway for the rich and famous. The magnificence of the yachts in the harbor over Christmas is a sight to behold.

Still, once you’re on the island, life is quite low-key. Millionaires park their jets in St. Maarten and go barefoot in St. Barths,  hang out in bars, zip by on motorbikes and open-topped Smart Cars, and stroll the beaches in a mere hint of a bathing suit.

Lazy Days & Leisurely Evenings

Many visitors spend their days sunbathing, nodding over the book they didn’t have time to read at home. And since all of the island’s pristine beaches are public domain, it isn’t uncommon to spot a sunbathing celebrity. Lunchtime entertainment is a fashion show.

For those in search of an active and glittering night life, the choices in St. Barths are few. Year after year, the most popular nighttime experience on St. Barths remains comfortable and leisurely dining.

If your goal is to enjoy a beach vacation on a small, isolated bit of heaven in the middle of the ocean, it is time to head for St Barths.

Featured Resorts

  • Christopher Hotel
  • Eden Rock Hotel
  • Hotel Le Toiny
  • Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa
  • Le Guanahani St Barth
  • Le Sereno Hotel & Villas
  • Manapany Hotel 
  • Taïwana Hotel 
  • Cheval Blance St-Barth Isle de France

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