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Cruising is one of the most relaxing and romantic forms of travel.

Explore some the most irresistibly charming towns around the globe - from the turquoise waters and white-sand beaches of the Caribbean and South Pacific, to the magnificent glaciers of Alaska, and the endless treasures of the Mediterranean.

Chances are, if you can get there by land, you can also get there on a cruise. You'll enjoy the excitement of sailing into new ports and exploring to your heart's content, while packing and unpacking just once. And wherever you choose to cruise, you can get there in luxury and style.

Cruises are perfect for vacations of all kinds, multi-generational travel, family reunions, girlfriend getaways, and more, with plenty of choices to keep everyone entertained.

How to Choose Your Ocean or River Cruise

Cruise ships, like hotels, come in all sizes and quality, and are designed to appeal to a wide range of budgets, interests, and lifestyles. There are large resort-style ships, small intimate ships, luxury ships, private yachts, river cruises, expedition cruises, and more.

There are ships where you dine with other people and ships where you can dine alone or with whomever you wish, whenever you wish. There are ships with non-stop activities and ships that are more laid back in nature.

Some ships are all-inclusive. These often include free unlimited shore excursions, pre-cruise hotel package, unlimited beverages including fine wines and premium beverages, gratuities, specialty restaurants, airport/ship transfers, unlimited Wi-Fi.

And you can enhance your Cruise with a hotel package in one of several sensational cities before and/or after your cruise.

For the ocean or river cruise that best matches the places you wish to visit, the ideal ship and stateroom type for you, tips about the cruise experience and other things worth considering when booking your cruise vacation, ask a TWG Travel Advisor to help you.

Activities Ashore

Activities ashore vary by destination. You can swim in crystal-clear waters, climb a waterfall, raft down a gentle flowing river, go horseback riding on the beach, ride a camel . . . or an elephant, walk on a glacier, tour the cathedrals of Europe, marvel at the pyramids of Egypt, visit the golden palaces and ancient temples of the Orient, tee off on signature golf courses, tour ancient mosques and ruins, sail down the Panama Canal, explore ancient ruins in South America, take a romantic gondola ride in Venice, and enjoy the exotic flavors of Africa . . . to name a  few . . . or you can blissfully do absolutely nothing at all!

Putting it All Together

Special arrangements may be made for groups requiring eight (8) or more staterooms. And the ability to mix and mingle with people with whom you share a common bond is priceless.