~ something every seasoned traveler must do at least once in a lifetime ~

What's so irresistible about Europe?

Everything! A blend of old world charm and modern cities, Europe remains one of those destinations that every seasoned traveler must visit at least once in his or her lifetime.

From Great Britain, France, Italy, and Greece, to Holland, Germany, Spain and the Eastern European countries, you will never get enough of Europe.

Europe is rich in history, culture, cuisines, religious heritage, and vibrant energy. Fascinating cities enthrall first-timers and seasoned travelers alike. Truly, once you've been to Europe you'll want to return again and again - exploring new areas and re-visiting some of the old.

PARIS: Traveler photo
by Bob Barrett

Beyond the popular itineraries of London, Paris and Rome, there are myriad cities to explore - from Madrid, Amsterdam, and Brussels to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. And Florence, Monte Carlo, and Capri are places no true romantic should miss. Golfing aficionados, will want to plan a special trip to Scotland and Wales.

Accommodations vary widely, from historic castles to exquisite city hotels and everything in between.

Travel Your Way

For that very special vacation on your wish list of places to visit, consider an escorted small group tour that combines two or more cities or countries, or travel independently at your own pace. Luxury vintage train tours are also available in certain cities.

Cruising is a terrific way to sample various destinations on the same vacation. Choose a land stay to fully experience the destinations you visit.