~the experience of a lifetime awaits you on a Mediterranean cruise ~
Mediterranean Cruise - Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey
Traveler photo by Nadine Brock

Mediterranean Splendor

Nothing stirs the imagination like the Mediterranean. Echoes of past glories are everywhere.

On a Mediterranean cruise you can explore ancient castles, and visit the exquisite gardens of France and Britain! On Barcelona, Venice, and Istanbul overnights, you can enjoy extra time to sightsee and shop. Visit the Isle of Santorini (believed by many to be the last remnant of the lost city of Atlantis). And Florence, Capri, and Monte Carlo are jewels no true romantic should miss.

Truly, the experience of a lifetime awaits you on a Mediterranean cruise. Here you will find fascinating adventures for art, sights, sounds, and culture! It is a grand adventure like none other - an adventure that every sophisticated traveler should experience at least once in his or her lifetime.

Mediterranean Cruises - Venice, Italy - Gondola

Some Excursions and Activities Ashore

* Visit ancient mosques
* Shop the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
* Take a romantic gondola ride in Venice
* Enjoy a leisurely stroll along La Rambla in Barcelona
* Explore the ruins of Athens and Pompeii
* Visit Vatican City, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Colosseum in Rome

Booking Your Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean cruise itineraries are offered on a seasonal basis - late spring through early fall. Ports of call vary.

Enhance your Mediterranean Cruise with a land stay in one of several sensational cities. Cruise tour packages are offered both before and after your Mediterranean Cruise.

For the Mediterranean cruise itinerary that best matches your interests and personal style, the destinations you wish to visit, the best ship and stateroom type for you, tips about the cruising experience and other things worth considering when booking your Mediterranean cruise vacation,ask a TWG Vacation Travel Advisor to help you.